T&T Automatic Arms Selector

Enter datas to the following forms and submit.
This page choose and show the most suitable arms for your character.
The meanings of each paramater is...
ST   character's ST(1~127)
DEX  character's DEX(1~127)
GOLD  gold pieces your character holding(1~32767)(infinity if omit)
ST and DEX isn't be omitted.
If you choose armor, GOLD isn't be omitted.

Enter ST,DEX and GOLD(can omit). ST : DEX : GOLD :

Select requirement to serach arms. Strongest Arms I'm a WIZARD one-handed arms only
two-handed weapon only one one-handed weapon only

Select armors. If you select except "weapon only", you must enter GOLD. Weapon only Warm dry clothing & Pack clothing + Gauntlets clothing + Gauntlets + Full helm clothing + Gauntlets + Full helm + Greaves

If you select "LIST", list the most suitable arms for each armore. If you do so, you must enter GOLD and your selection of armors is ignored. NORMAL LIST

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