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This is Tunnels & Trolls, RPG by Flying Buffalo Inc. Pages. Please have a good time for good old work.

T&T's pages is now under construction!!

What's Tunnels & Trolls?

This is page of Introduce T&T. Sorry, some pages are Japanese only. now translating. Please wait.

T&T automatic arms selector

Does your character use most strong arms? This page choose automate the arms for your character to be best much! Please use this program!

T&T character maker

T&T character maker page. You can generate a T&T 1level Character only follow the message. Make use for Solitaire and so on.

T&T Jokes

Jokes about T&T I thought or I listened to. Sorry, this page is Japanese only. now translating. Please wait.

I hope to...

please point out me mistake of English or more smart expression.

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